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My EreMika Theory


So I’m not normally one to really talk about ships here (mostly because I don’t like starting wars), but I’ve had this theory about Eren and Mikasa and I wanted to see what other people thought about it.

Basically, if this ship were to be canon (in my mind it kind of already is), I feel as though once they are reunited they won’t be totally aware of their feelings for each other (meaning they probably still don’t know it’s that kind of love yet). So I have a gut feeling that someone is going to talk either Mikasa or Eren into telling the other how they feel.

For Mikasa, I feel that either Jean or Levi would tell her that she should let Eren know about how she feels. If it were Jean, I feel as though he would first confess his love for her, but knowing that she probably doesn’t feel the same about him (at least I’m assuming because I see no hints of it otherwise), she would convince Mikasa to talk to Eren about it because it might be too late one day and that’s why he let her know how he felt. If it were Levi, I feel that he knew from the start that she had feelings for him and given the circumstances and the fact that he’s lost so many of his friends (especially Petra), he would tell her that she should confess to Eren before it is too late. Maybe he would even tell her that he knows what it is like to lose someone and not have told them how you feel (Petra possibly but I don’t really know).

For Eren, I feel like Armin would be the one to tell him to talk to Mikasa. I have a sense that he knows how Mikasa feels and wants to snap Eren out of his mindset and go for it since one day it could be too late, like with his mom. Plus, considering Eren has always felt like Mikasa is protecting him, he may want to be the one to make the first move in this case, and Armin would convince him that yes, he is able to protect Mikasa.

And if the ship were to not be canon, I still for some reason feel like Mikasa would end up with someone romantically. Maybe Jean will come out with a win on this one or Levi possibly just because I see their relationship developing more in some very interesting ways.

I don’t know I could be off on all this. This is just something that’s been cooking in my mind. Thoughts on it?


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'You look cute with your bangs down'

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